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Fly Fishing Adventure

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My name is Mark Winkelman, and I have a passion for fishing. Some of my earliest and fondest memories are of fishing with my dad and brother. I was blessed growing up to have a father that loved the outdoors and shared this passion with his family. About 18 years ago, I was working in Moon Township, PA and a friend (Pete) introduced me to fly fishing. I was hooked, loved it. I also got into tying my own flies.  


On March 23, 2022, I was diagnosed with ALS/Lou Gehrig’s disease. The days of wading streams, making that memorable cast, and executing a drag free drift may be over, but my passion for fishing is not. I have so many fond memories: fishing in Alaska with Spencer and his family, fly fishing in Iowa with my wife’s cousin Dave, my annual trips to Fremont, Nebraska to fish Bluegills with Dad (9” to 10” bluegills on a 4wt, what a blast!), flying trips with family to Broken Bow, Oklahoma and The White River in Arkansas, and one of my favorite places on the earth, Charlie’s ranch in New Mexico. Hardly a week goes by without me reminiscing about the good times I had visiting with Charlie and fishing this beautiful area. 


Now, for the purpose of this site. I may not be able to fish, but I can still tie flies!!! Although slower, it's great therapy for me, and if I can’t get out and fish then maybe my flies can. So my goal is to have flies that I have tied used in all 50 states.  


I’m looking for a volunteer from each state (may expand later). I will send them two Olive Green Woolly Buggers for FREE. This has been my most productive fly, and it’s easy for me to tie. All I ask is that you let me know what body of water they were used in and the date. We will update the site to track our goal. Feel free to post pictures if you like and to share this site. 


To those that chose to participate, Thank You. I’m looking forward to this adventure. 


For those with ALS, know that I’m praying for you and you’re not alone.



Newest Additions

guadalupe bass.jpeg

Llano River, TX

August 6, 2023

Wink's MT fish.jpg

Bitterroot River, MT

August 3, 2023


Roaring River State Park, MO

August 13, 2023

Fishing Spot Locations

Update 12/16/2023:

Winks Fly Fishing Adventure has hit a new milestone, we have shipped olive green woolly buggers to all 50 states!!!  Thank You!!!!


ALS is a terrible disease, however it gave birth to Winks Fly Fishing Adventure. Through this project, I have heard from old friends, some that I have not connected with in decades.   I have made new friends, and received  encouragement from people that I have a connection with through our passion for fly fishing.  


It’s hard to convey my gratitude to all of you.  Thank you does not seem to go far enough.  


For me, I’m continuing to tie flies as long as my hands will allow.  I look forward to your feedback.  What bodies of water my flies have been used on, the dates and any luck you had.


Again, your participation and encouragement mean so much.  


Tight lines.



Please use this form to request flies. We are currently looking for one person from each state to use our Olive Green Woolly Buggers. Right now, it will be first come, first serve, but we may expand in the future!

Thanks for going on the adventure!

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